It's so nice to look in the mirror everyday and see a more beautiful me. And the best part inner beauty is beginning to shine through more and more. Being more satisfied with my outer self affords me more time to concentrate on my inner self. And THAT makes life wonderful.

by A.B.

Approximately a year ago I underwent surgery for labial reduction. I was nervous before my operation, but the friendly staff made me feel very comfortable. I'm very happy to say my results are even better than expected. The work was obviously done with care. My healing process went smoothly and there are no visible marks from the surgery. I feel confident now that I am pleased with my appearance and enjoy sex much more now that there is no embarrassment. I must also say that I have lost no sense of feeling whatsoever and I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has been considering it. I would reccomend Dr. Morgan since he was specifically trained by Dr. Matlock in Hollywood the pioneer for this procedure. Who better to handle the situation than the gynecologist.

by L.P.

In retrospect, when I ask myself whether or not I would do this procedure again, I would answer YES, without hesitation. Since I felt plagued by the size of my labia ever since I was a little girl, I knew that this procedure had nothing to do with my vanity, but constant discomfort. I am aware that any surgical procedure can bear risks and complications, and even though this field of plastic surgery is still very young and in process of development, I chose Dr. Morgan for his confidence and experience. I made the right choice. Not only did he perform my surgery with precision and excellence, he gave me a sense of care about how I felt about myself. I herewith want to take the opportunity to thank the entire team and LVRIA for their outstanding care and service! I am satisfied!

by D.G. - Personal Statement on Procedure